The number of Azerbaijani women getting married in Turkey is growing rapidly – Statistics of the last 15 years

Last year, the number of Azerbaijani women who married men with Turkish citizenship and Azerbaijanis who married women with Turkish citizenship increased.
A count carried out by Yeniavaz.com citing published official data shows that the number of Azerbaijani women married to a Turkish citizen has increased by 9% or 233 people over the past year compared to 2022 and reached 2,818 people.
Azerbaijani women took third place among foreign women married to Turkish citizens. In first place were women who were citizens of Uzbekistan, in second place were citizens of Syria. In 2023, 3,716 women citizens of Uzbekistan and 3,519 women citizens of Syria married Turkish citizens.
The next places are occupied by Azerbaijan with 2818 people, Russia with 2339 people, Germany with 2243 people, Morocco with 2128 people, Turkmenistan with 1817 people, Kyrgyzstan with 1149 people and citizens of Ukraine with 1079 people.
Last year, the number of Azerbaijanis who married Turkish citizens also increased. Over the past year, the number of Azerbaijanis who married a Turkish citizen increased by 16% or 35 people and reached 254 people. According to this indicator, Azerbaijanis took 5th place. The majority of female Turkish citizens married male citizens of Germany (1,387), Syria (1,219), Australia (326) and Afghanistan (316).
Over the past 15 years, the number of Azerbaijani citizens married to Turkey and Azerbaijani citizens married to Turkish citizens was as follows:

Elnur Ali
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